Charleston’s newest fun activity on the water!

Come have fun on our park with floating features on the water. We are based at Trophy Lakes on Johns Island, only a short drive from downtown Charleston.

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 father is swimming with his son

How does it work?

You book your 1 hour session with us and are free to enjoy the entire park within that hour. We provide a vest and a helmet for your safety. You need to be 6 years and older in order to participate.

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Looking for a birthday party, bachelor(ette) party or team building idea?

We are more than happy to have you at our park. Inquire here:hello@charlestonaquapark.comor

 father is swimming with his son


All participants must have proficient swimming ability. The minimum age is 6 years. Children ages 6-8 must be accompanied on the inflatables by an adult.

If you cannot swim, you CAN unfortunately NOT participate in our park. At any time you might fall into the water from one of the features and therefore you need to be a proficient swimmer.

You do not need to book in advance but we cannot guarantee availability at all times during our opening hours, especially if you intend to participate with a group. Sessions may book out. Therefore, we recommend to sign our waiver and book online prior to your visit with us. If you are attending as a group, please ensure that all members of your group have signed up on the booking system prior to arrival. You may access the waiver by clicking on BOOK NOW and then select SIGN UP.

The sessions are 1 hour long including a safety briefing.

If you go to our online booking system hereyou can check the availability and book your session either for yourself or for a party and send out email invitations to your guests.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so you can cancel your session with a 75% refund towards your prepaid account if you do so 24 hours before your booked session. However, if you cancel your session with less than 24 hours notice then you will only be refunded 25% towards your prepaid account. Your prepaid balance can be used towards any future booking.

Yes, you absolutely have to. We need to check your personal details such as date of birth, name and signature against your signed release of liability the first time you come to our park.

You do not need the ‘Fast Pass’ as long as everyone who is participating has signed up and agreed to the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and signed the ‘Release of Liability’.Then we only need your name or booking code.

Due to legal and insurance reasons you cannot sign a child up without being attached to an adult’s account, so please sign up with your own details first as the parent/guardian. You can then add family members without re-entering all the contact information.

We do not have showers. We have bathrooms which you can use to change.

All you need is your swimsuit and a towel for afterwards. Given the great weather in Charleston, it is advisable that you bring and apply waterproof sunscreen prior to your session. If you have spectators coming to watch, a camera would be a good idea to capture some of the fun moments.

We do not recommend using the aqua park equipment whilst pregnant.

There are picnic benches on the side of the lake where spectators can watch their friends/family and space for picnic blankets. Please note you are not allowed to access the water from the bank.

The so-called brain-eating amoeba (formal name is Naegleria fowler) is dangerous and almost always leads to death. It can potentially be found in any warm waters around the globe, such as lakes, pongs, rock pits, warm slow-flowing rivers, hot springs and even soil, including door dust.

The nose is the pathway of the amoeba, so infection occurs most often from diving or performing water sports in which water is forced into the nose.

It's considered a rare infection. But some cases may be unreported.

How Can I Protect Myself Against Brain-Eating Amoeba?

Avoid swimming underwater, diving, and jumping in warm, still waters during the late summer. It also makes sense to wear a nose clip when swimming or playing in or on warm waters - We provide free nose clips on demand at check-in. We also conduct regular water tests and will temporarily shut down the aqua park in case the water quality might not be safe enough.

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We are an outdoor facility and rain and thunderstorms occasionally occur. If you feel that the weather might not be good and you have booked a session, please give us a call and we will update you. Alternatively, check our Facebook page for updates. We close the park when lightning occurs and will refund your session or add time on top of your session if you choose to wait until the weather is clear again.